Friday, 2 August 2013

Mediterranean Carrot Rolls - a delicious starter or fabulous canape


You wouldn't think that you could turn the humble carrot into a sophisticated canapé or starter, and I can tell from the look on our guests faces when I say 'here you go, some Mediterranean Carrot rolls,' that they think the same.......that is until they try one!!!  Everyone we have served these to has loved them/wanted more/asked for the recipe. 

The original recipe is from Antony Worrall Thompson's 'A-Z of AWT.'  You can play around with all the herbs and other seasonings too.  I like a bit of cayenne and cumin, to cut through some of those sweeter ingredients.  This goes really well with a bit of salad and some tzatziki (that's a sauce made from cucumber, yoghurt, mint and garlic.)

Stu always groans when I say we are going to make these, they are a little labour intensive but trust me when I say well worth it!  The thing is that I normally ask him to do the rolling into little sausages and, as I've normally multiplied the recipe by 4 so I can freeze a load down.  I guess I can appreciate his frustration! 

With the method, I cannot emphasize enough how dry the carrots need to be after cooking them.  I would suggest putting them back on a really low heat after you have drained them to steam off any excess liquid.  And even after that, I would blot them on a load of kitchen towel.  You could also leave them spread out on a tray lined with kitchen towel in the fridge overnight.
Makes about 30 small sausages for canapés, or 8-10 larger ones for a starter


·       10 medium carrots peeled, chopped and cooked until very soft, then very well drained
·       2 slices white bread rubbed into crumbs
·       6 dried apricots, finely chopped
·       2 tspn sultanas finely chopped
·       4 spring onions, finely diced
·       2 tbspn pine nuts, chopped
·       2 garlic cloves finely chopped
·       2 tspn finely grated orange zest
·       1 egg
·       6 tbspn mixed chopped parsley, mint and dill
·       Plain flour for dusting
·       Vegetable oil for shallow frying


·       Mash the carrots, if they seem really wet still, blot on a load of kitchen paper
·       In a bowl, mix with the remaining ingredients apart from the flour and oil.  If it’s still quite damp, add a few more breadcrumbs.  You want to be able to form small sausages easily
·       Mould the mixture into small sausages or patties, using the flour to coat your hands to prevent sticking
·       Roll each piece in flour, tapping off any excess
·       Heat a frying pan with some vegetable oil and shallow fry the rolls on all sides until golden brown, then blot on some kitchen towel
·       Arrange on a plate and serve warm with some yogurt dip


  1. Look delicious...

  2. Having just found your wonderful recipes - I wondered whether a RAW foodie trick would work here. Could you juice the carrots first - using the juice for a drink/another recipe, but the carrot flesh would then be quite dry? I will give it a whirl and let you know!